Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mack The Knife

Season 20, Episode 53
First aired 25 Feb 2016

We open in the hospital, where Mack is in bed waiting for surgery. Mo and John Joe show up to visit, with John Joe helpfully volunteering that he was already there to drop off some papers at the morgue. The morgue is really what you want to hear about when you’re in the hospital about to be operated on. Of course John Joe and Mack start talking about how hot the nurse is, and Mo is all, “Seriously with this?” There is a long weird lingering shot on Mack, the first of numerous editing and timing oddities this episode.

In the village, Micheál, Frances, and Réailtín run into David and Rónán, who are on their way to court. They tell Rónán he looks nice in his suit, and he grumps that there’s no point since everybody knows he’ll be going to prison anyway. Even Réailitín has had it with his nonsense. David and Rónán leave and O’Shea, who’s looking glum even by her standards, shows up. She tells the group that Judge Molloy is presiding today and that ever since his niece was killed in a road accident, he’s shown little leniency “in cases like this.” Does anyone even remember what Rónán is charged with at this point? Everyone struggles to look concerned.

Friday, February 26, 2016

That Time Réailtín Was Missing But Then She Wasn't

Season 20, Episode 52
First Aired 23 Feb 2016

David and Micheál are arguing in the street, as usual. The topic once again is Rónán, who is still missing, but David thinks he may have a lead on his whereabouts. I have to say I am totally bored by this whole Rónán storyline. Go to jail, don’t go to jail, run away, join the circus, I don’t care. Anyway, David is upset when he sees Rónán’s probation officer Proinsias arrive, and goes over to distract him. Conveniently, O’Shea appears at that moment to ask Micheál if there’s any news on Rónán. Micheál says no, and O’Shea warns him that if Rónán doesn’t appear by 5 o’clock, she will have to file an official report. Oh, no, not an OFFICIAL REPORT!

In the shop, John Joe is on the phone making plans for a funeral. Katy comes in and asks him to take a look at her car because it’s making a noise. He’s wearing a suit, so she asks him if he’s got a funeral, and he says no, he’s got a meeting with the accountant. Lies!  Evan appears and John Joe calls him over to tell him how much he’s enjoying Caitríona’s book, particularly the part where Evan hits Cathal in the head. Evan, flustered, tells John Joe he must’ve read it wrong, because he never hit Cathal, Cathal slipped and hit his head on a pillar. There’s some back and forth about what exactly Evan did to Cathal – my guess is that Evan killed Cathal in the conservatory with the lead pipe – and meanwhile Katy is pursing her lips and rolling her eyes and looking completely annoyed by the whole thing. I adore Katy, mostly because of her ability to be hilariously annoyed by absolutely everyone and everything.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ros na Recaps

I've noticed there seems to be a dearth of Ros na Rún episode recaps online. By which I mean, there do not seem to be any.

I started watching the show back in autumn 2015 and have since become a little obsessed with it. As I watch twice a week I always think of things I'd like to say about what's going on, so I've finally decided to give recapping a go. Is there an audience for this? Let's find out together!

I am not employed by, associated with, or connected to TG4 or the makers of the show in any way. These recaps are completely unofficial.