Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A céad a cúig déag … a céad a sé déag … a céad a seacht déag …

Well, the blogspot statistics thing tells me that my Ros na Rún recaps have been viewed 117 times in the five days since the first post, including 34 views yesterday alone! So far we’ve had visitors from the US, Ireland, Germany, and Poland. Wow.

So I guess maybe there is an audience for snarky Ros na Rún recaps. What do you think about the show lately? How are you enjoying these episodes? Who do you love, who do you hate? Please leave comments!

And there’s a new episode today! What new doomsday leaflets will Máire distribute? Who will Katy roll her eyes at? And will we ever see Eoin and Eimear again? Let’s find out!

Thanks for reading. GRMA!

PS, in case there's any doubt in your mind as a result of my extreme snarkiness: holy cow, I am completely in love with Ros na Rún. It's seriously, like, my favorite thing. I tease it because I love.

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