Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ros na Rún Recaps FAQ

Since I started recapping and blogging about Ros na Rún almost 2 years ago, a few people have actually read my nonsense, and sometimes they send me questions. So because every website is required by intergalactic law to have an FAQ, here are some of the questions I've received, some slightly paraphrased to protect the guilty, along with answers I have made up.

Q. Who are you and why are you doing this to us?
A. I'm a Ros na Rún fan in North Carolina, in the United States. I started writing recaps of the show because there didn't seem to be any, and then I found I enjoyed it, and other people started reading and talking about them, and, you know, here we are. Believe me, I'm as surprised as you are.

Q. Why are your recaps so long?
A. Unlike some shows that are full of padding and biding time and Phil Mitchell repeatedly almost dying but then not, a lot is crammed into each episode of Ros na Rún, so there's a lot to talk about. And even when I'm running behind and tell myself I'm going to zoom through a recap, somehow they all end up being about the same length anyway. They are as long as they need to be, I guess, and take on a life of their own, like bacteria.

Q. How much do you get paid to recap Ros na Rún?
A. Hahahahahaha!

Q. I love your Ros na Rún recaps. Can you also recap Fair City/EastEnders/Tipping Point/etc?
A. Thank you! Unfortunately I have a full-time job, which is not this. Most of the time during the 9 months of the year Ros na Rún is on, I feel like I'm scrambling to stay on top of things. (The episodes, they just keep coming.) There's no way I would have the time or energy or snark to recap another show. OK, I probably have sufficient snark, but there are only so many hours in a day, especially when you subtract out the 15 hours of sleep I require. Anyway, do you know how many times per week those other shows are on? There is NO. WAY.

Q. Ros na Rún is in Irish. Why don't you write your recaps in Irish too/instead?
A. Sadly, if I tried to write recaps in Irish, they would be limited to talking about what color things are and whether various types of shops are open or closed, and I am not sure how helpful that would be.

Q. [something in Irish that ends with a question mark]
A. Dath glas atá ar an rothar, ach tá an siopa báicéireachta dúnta.

Q. Where is Ros na Rún filmed and can I visit the set?
A. Many people do not know that Ros na Rún is actually filmed on a soundstage in the Jervis Shopping Centre in Dublin, on the ground floor, next to Currys PC World. Just go into any shop and ask where Ros na Rún is filmed and they will be happy to direct you.

Q. Nobody cares what you think.
A. That's not a question, but thanks.

Q. Can you send me a Ros na Rún T-shirt/coffee mug/oven mitt?
A. I'm sorry, but this is not the kind of website where you win prizes by reading. Besides, I do not have any of those things, and even if I did, I would not be sending them to you. I mean that in the most loving, supportive way.

Q. Why are you so obsessed with Mack's stubble?
A. Umm, have you seen Mack's stubble?

Q. Can you get me a job at Ros na Rún/TG4/RTÉ/Carrolls Irish Gifts/wherever?
A. Considering I do not work for any of those places, ABSOLUTELY. Just write your name on the back of a €50 note and mail it to Ros na Rún Recaps, America.

I'm sure this exhaustive and carefully researched feature has answered all your questions, but if you somehow want to know something else, leave me a comment below, or Twerp me at @RosNaRecaps !

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